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Nanowrimo…at last!

I finally felt that I was in a writing frame of mind, despite my dodgy shoulder, and I’ve reached the first Nanowrimo milestone of 5,000 words. The good (but difficult) part of Nanowrimo is that you aren’t supposed to edit, just write – I struggle with that as I can’t even send a text, tweet… Read more »

Save Our Library!

Today was my first ever protest, complete with placards. As I get older, I realise how important it is to stand up for things that you believe in, rather than expecting other people to do it. If everyone waited for someone else to make a difference, nothing would ever get done. Libraries are all around… Read more »

Prize-winning artist!

Well, third prize, but still… I’ve always found art very relaxing and have recently started doing some painting. It’s not something I’ve done a lot of (despite doing A-level Art) but I’ve done a few animal portraits lately, just to see if I could still wield a brush. It’s a great procrastination tool, when I’m… Read more »

Welcome to my new website!

Hello again! I didn’t realise just how long it had been since I posted on my blog, and I’ve decided that I’m going to talk about more than just writing and books. So much goes on in the area in which my books are set that it would be silly not to include it –… Read more »


If you got the Metro newspaper yesterday, you might have noticed that I got a mention. Crushed was listed as one of the wonderful actress/novelist Pauline Mclynn’s three ‘desert island books’. I was surprised and delighted. I wish that I could remember how to post a photograph here so that I could show you. Hopefully… Read more »

Crushed – out now in paperback!

Hi – just a quick message to let you know that Crushed is now available in paperback from FeedARead. It will soon be followed by a re-release of Karma (in about two weeks’ time): CLICK HERE TO BUY CRUSHED


Hi – it’s publication day! A day earlier than anticipated. You can now buy my new novel, Crushed, at Amazon: BUY CRUSHED HERE There is an accompanying playlist on Spotify, which is free to join. I know how frustrating it is when songs are central to a book’s story and you’ve never heard them! I… Read more »


Draft two of the book is finally complete and I have some kind people reading through it, pointing out my mistakes (and with my ME/CFS brainfog, they’ll have their work cut out). I grew to love the characters so I hope that everyone else will, too. I’m still on track to publish the book on… Read more »


I have donated a character name in my forthcoming novel, ‘Crushed’ (due for release on Kindle on 24th October 2014) to raise money to give blind dogs the gift of sight – every little helps. PLEASE CLICK FOR DETAILS

Bachelor of Science!

So, against all of the odds, I passed my Advanced Creative Writing (A363) module, meaning that I’m now the proud owner of a BSc. Unfortunately, the only local graduation ceremony occurred in June this year, so I will have to wait until next June to attend a ceremony. After four years of studying, it feels… Read more »