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My first Blog entry!

Hello! Welcome to my first Blog entry – it’s taken me a while to get into Blogging, but now that I have, I ‘m going to try and make it a regular occurrence! If you’ve looked at my profile, you’ll know that my first book is due out in three weeks’ time. Let me catch… Read more »

Oh-pen University

I’m here again. I should be working on my final exam for my Open University Creative Writing course but I’m finding it difficult to get stuck in to the piece I’m working on. I started studying Creative Writing courses with the O

Still a-feudin'!

I’m still around, but the pollen has taken its toll. My abseil bruise has finally faded to a ghost of a bruise, and I’m collecting my sponsorship money slowly but surely. I have still had no response from Discovered Authors, despite a polite letter, and a less polite ultimatum. It seems as though, rather than… Read more »