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Talks: writing, BDMLR, ME/CFS

I have agreed to do a couple of talks – as you know, I’ve done talks in the past for libraries, readers groups and even launched the Gateshead Libraries Short Story competition a few years ago, but they do make me nervous. This is for a number of reasons: * The ME/CFS means that I… Read more »


As some of you may know, I have a huge interest in genealogy – I think it’s good to know where/who you came from. I was lucky enough to be able to track down the long-lost famiy of a close relation and it’s a fabulous feeling, being a catalyst in a family reunion. I happened… Read more »

A challenging month!

Our last creative writing assignment was to write something about a bad act, as either an ambivalent or an unsympathetic narrator. It was far more difficult than I anticipated and I found it really uncomfortable to write the piece. What I did notice was, as we all read our work out, that the females in… Read more »

Creative Writing: term 2

Yep, I’m behind the times again – I’m well in to term two of my creative writing class. We’ve lost two members and gained one, but it’s nice that almost everyone returned. Before half-term, we were asked to write something based on fruit, after being given the verse A Kumquat for John Keats to read…. Read more »

The Rod Liddle Article

художници на икониI am absolutely disgusted with this article in The Sun: Rod Liddle attacks “pretend disabled” in Sun column At the weekend, I found an old CV of mine. I looked through it – I have a LOT of qualifications, which are very good and I PAID to do them. I have a lot… Read more »

Best wishes for 2012!

Haven’t posted for a while as Christmas is tough on people with ME/CFS, among other people – the work involved doesn’t stop just because you’re exhausted! Anyway, I hope that you all had an enjoyable festive season, and that 2012 will be a positive year for you. It’s time for my recap of the year…. Read more »

Creative Writing: week 9

I know I’ve jumped ahead, and haven’t posted earlier weeks’ work, but I will. It was the penultimate week, this week, and I woke up feeling rotten. This time of year is bad for the ME/CFS, as there’s a balancing act between resting and doing what it takes to prepare for Christmas. I’ve never perfected… Read more »

Book 4: Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge

The last book in the Reading Challenge – and it has been a challenge, as I deliberately chose books I would not have picked up in a book shop. The final book I selected was Crippen by John Boyne. I had heard of Crippen, of course, but given his notoriety, assumed him to be a… Read more »