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The real me.

Just a quickie. If you check out my photos (in the section on the right, marked ‘Albums’) you will see I have added a photo of how I usually am. I am rarely glamorous (if ever), mostly in pyjamas, usually found on the sofa (with or without laptop) but almost always accompanied by my dogs… Read more »

Writer's cramp!

I don’t mind telling you this: I’m tired. In fact, I’m exhausted. Has it been worth it? Has what been worth it, I hear you ask (well, I don’t really hear you, but you know what I mean). Well, first there was the launch. Mid-morning on Thursday (LD – launch day) 30 books arrived at… Read more »

Memory Lane: my 30th birthday party!

You’re probably wondering what my 30th has to do with book promotion…well nothing really, except the book signing tomorrow is triggering some memories. I had been quite poorly in the months prior to my 30th, and had lost touch with lots of friends. Although I was on a very tight budget, I decided to have… Read more »

Book officially released: so where is it?

Decided to type in a drab colour to reflect how I’m feeling on this, the ‘official’ release date of Karma. Was all hyped up yesterday, as I’d been given some great promotion/marketing tips…then my mam said she’d been into Waterstones and was told they weren’t stocking it. My husband was told that it wasn’t in… Read more »

Just a quickie!

Hello – I’ve been getting a lot of advice this weekend, on how to get my book noticed. All of it fantastic – it has given me a lot to think about, and has got me excited about the book again! So, this afternoon, I emailed Hexham Book Festival to ask if I could take… Read more »

The nightmares have started…

Hi – spent ages typing a new page yesterday, and then there was an error! Then, I had a nightmare last night where I thought I’d sold hundreds of books and I’d only sold thirty… I finally got hold of some books, and duly sent them off again. I really hope that the recipients enjoy… Read more »


Good afternoon! Typing from bed again, but this time I am fully dressed having just been to the hairdressers – lovely new ‘do and nowhere to go! Trying some energy conservation… I got some really good feedback from the Julia Hankin interview, and it has opened up some very interesting opportunities for me. I don’t… Read more »

Phew – it's over!

Well, I had my 15-20 minutes of fame! I had trouble getting to sleep last night, as possible question scenarios kept coming into my head. I woke up at about 5.30am with butterflies the size of chickens in my stomach, and could barely eat anything. My mam drove me to the BBC Radio Newcastle studios,… Read more »

A face for radio!

I don’t believe it! Little old me is doing a LIVE radio interview on BBC Radio Newcastle tomorrow, with JULIA HANKIN – I love that show! I am SO nervous (yet again, I’ve agreed to something then am going to panic about it until it happens). I bet I say something stupid. Must make a… Read more »

Cautiously excited…

Hello – technically, I’m not much further forward with regard to promoting my book, but optimistically, my Publisher tells me the following publications have requested a review copy: In Balance magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You Essentials Woman and Home She That’s Life Woman The Guardian The Observer The Daily Mail The Daily Telegraph The… Read more »