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What do I try next?

I’m making a habit of this: typing my blog from under the covers! With good reason, this time, as I was out at a quiz on Wednesday with some friends and it’s taken a bit of recovery time (no…I don’t drink, so it wasn’t that). With our knowledge limited to obscure facts, we were amazed… Read more »

The next step…

Hello again! Had no intention of writing so often, but I’m cold and bored (typing this from my bed). In my quest to sell more than two books, I emailed Borders, Waterstones, and Gateshead Libraries Service – this is what happened so far: Was in Borders book shop in Gateshead today, but was feeling too… Read more »

My first Blog entry!

Hello! Welcome to my first Blog entry – it’s taken me a while to get into Blogging, but now that I have, I ‘m going to try and make it a regular occurrence! If you’ve looked at my profile, you’ll know that my first book is due out in three weeks’ time. Let me catch… Read more »

Still a-feudin'!

I’m still around, but the pollen has taken its toll. My abseil bruise has finally faded to a ghost of a bruise, and I’m collecting my sponsorship money slowly but surely. I have still had no response from Discovered Authors, despite a polite letter, and a less polite ultimatum. It seems as though, rather than… Read more »