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Kindle humour chart

Just had a look at the Kindle chart and Karma is at #21 of the humour chart, #684 in all free Kindle offerings. Delighted about this, even if it doesn’t get any higher. I will stop obsessing about it after this weekend is over with, hoping that I have reached a wider audience and that… Read more »

Kindle #fail

As you know, Karma is now available on Kindle. There are a LOT of books and authors on Kindle and, sadly, if you aren’t well-known or proven, it’s very difficult to get people to spend their hard-earned money on your work. Fair enough, I say. If you take a chance on a book that isn’t… Read more »

Family ties

икона за подаръкAfter a lot of searching the internet and following leads, I’m delighted to tell you that the family I was seeking have now re-connected. I believe that they had never met in around 69 years, so when they meet up in a few weeks time, it should be cause for celebration. It’s nice… Read more »

A challenging month!

Our last creative writing assignment was to write something about a bad act, as either an ambivalent or an unsympathetic narrator. It was far more difficult than I anticipated and I found it really uncomfortable to write the piece. What I did notice was, as we all read our work out, that the females in… Read more »

Creative Writing: term 2

Yep, I’m behind the times again – I’m well in to term two of my creative writing class. We’ve lost two members and gained one, but it’s nice that almost everyone returned. Before half-term, we were asked to write something based on fruit, after being given the verse A Kumquat for John Keats to read…. Read more »

Creative Writing: week 3

Week three of a ten week course – where does the time go? My haiku, which I mentioned a few weeks ago, had mixed feedback. Firstly, I’d got confused with the way they should be written (can I blame my ME/CFS for the confusion – probably not): syllable-wise, they should be 5 -7 – 5…. Read more »

Book 3: Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge

The third book I chose to read was ‘The Secrets Between Us’ by Louise Douglas. It’s not the type of book that I would pick up in a book shop, based on the cover, but had I read the blurb on the back, I would’ve been intrigued. The lead character, Sarah, is recovering from some… Read more »


You’re going to get two posts today, lucky people, and both are book (or writing) related! Firstly, tomorrow is my first Creative Writing class and I’m nervous for several reasons: 1. I am very shy around new people, and given the amount of time my ME/CFS makes me spend on my own, I’m not very… Read more »

Book 2: Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge

The second book I chose in the Reading Challenge was ‘Teacher, Teacher!’ by Jack Sheffield. The story (or is it a memoir) is based on a year in the life of a newly appointed headmaster at a small village school. It’s an unofficial account, based on the Headmaster’s alternative log book, of the ups and… Read more »

Book 1: Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge

икониMy first book to review is Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Gibson. I selected this because it looked like the kind of book I’d pick up in a shop, if I felt like trying a new author. The premise of the book is that Chelsea, the main female character, is a wannabe actress, struggling to… Read more »