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Yay! I'm back, email and all!

Long time no see? Fabby Marie has got me back in to my email and, subsequently, my blog. My email account was mostly spam, but I did get an interesting email about my publisher which intrigued me. Evidently, DA is no more. However, I’m told its new incarnation is Callio (correct me if I’m wrong)…. Read more »

Still no email!

холни масиI know I’m repeating myself, but I still can’t access the email address that the ‘Contact Holly’ messages go to. If you do want to message me, you can find me on both Facebook and Twitter. Why-oh-why is there no ‘forgotten password’ button on my webmail account. Madness!

The Sun has got his hat on…

…and so have I, if I absolutely have to go out. And sunglasses (indoors and out). And factor 1,000 sun cream. I thought I was one of a small few who hated the hot weather but, as it turns out, I am one of many within my Twitter circle. It’s not just the ME sufferers,… Read more »


Apologies to anyone who’s emailed me or used the contact form – I’m currently locked out of my email account and there’s nowhere for me to retrieve my details. Very frustrating. Just so you know I’m not ignoring you!

International ME/CFS Awareness Day 2010

Bad timing, but I feel we’d have the same amount of coverage whether our government had changed or remained the same. Despite looking through the news on Yahoo, there’s no mention of the Day, although Burglars’ Diets were discussed. Madness! We deserve a mention, and we deserve a mention without use of the term ‘Yuppie… Read more »

Does this seem fair (part one)?

Last year, my mam saw a perfume she liked. It was a limited edition and I couldn’t buy it when I was with her, so had to wait until I could find it on the internet. I eventually managed to find a bottle, online, and thought it would be simple: I paid via Paypal, so… Read more »


As you know, as well as reading chick lit and biographies, I love Sci Fi. I am currently reading Changes by Jim Butcher and am marvelling at how good his writing actually is. I have been getting to the end of one chapter, meaning to put the book down, and been so taken in by… Read more »

Random thoughts

Ruth, who I mentioned previously, continues to climb the book charts with Katy Carter Wants A Hero – so delighted for her. I absolutely love books that let you escape from reality, but do like a dose of humour. I’ve been waiting for Jim Butcher’s latest Dresden novel for months and it’s finally here! I… Read more »

Can't thank everyone enough!

Yesterday was the charity event, in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care in Newcastle. Cath and I were surprisingly unflustered (although I did go through phases of shy, giggly and star-struck at various points throughout the evening) which is a testament to her fantastic organisational skills. I have probably mentioned that I was a fan… Read more »

Tickets available!

Hi – apologies for not being around much, but I’m back! As you can see from the title of the post, tickets are now on sale for the charity evening, in aid of Marie Curie (Newcastle). The event will take place on Saturday, 5th September 2009 and will feature a quiz, and all the fun… Read more »