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Charity Evening – tickets

Just a quickie, as I’m tired, but we have set a price of £10 for tickets to the Charity Event in aid of Marie Curie (Newcastle). This will include quiz entry, buffet, and entertainment…and hopefully a few surprises! We have some great raffle prizes already, so I do hope you’ll join us on the 5th… Read more »

Charity work with a difference!

When I was younger, those of you who had the pleasure of visiting my bedroom (family and friends, I mean), will remember my walls used to be covered with pictures and posters of dolphins and seals. With the exception of my Bros phase (and another phase I’ll thank anyone not to mention). It was never… Read more »

Famous, Rich and Homeless

Would I have watched this if it had just been about homeless people? Maybe not. Was the idea of someone with lots of money having to slum it for a few days appealing? I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t. I watched the BBC documentary (part one of two) this morning and found I… Read more »


Haven’t blogged for a while, as things at home have been busy, but I do twitter (though I don’t like it as much as Facebook). If you’re interested in random musings, boring updates and what I’ll be having for tea, please feel free to follow @MissySimps on Twitter.

No place like home!

Been to a Christening today – I love happy family events. Amazingly, we found out that the neighbours (at least one of whom doesn’t like me) were having their son christened not only on the same day, and at the same time…but also at the same church! The weather was lovely, the service was brief… Read more »

It's still here!

I haven’t been online for a while. The dreaded CFS seems to worsen in January, after the hecticness of Christmas (regardless of how well, or how far in advance, I try to prepare). Anyway, I click on to the site hesitantly these days, wondering if it’ll still be up and running or if every word… Read more »

Are your chestnuts roasting?

Hello again! I haven’t disappeared, but at the end of October, I got a letter to say that my domain was about to expire and it would cost quite a bit to renew it. Given the way I’ve been feeling about the whole Discovered Authors saga, I wasn’t sure I wanted the website to continue…. Read more »

What month is it?

I knew I’d neglected the blog, as my energy has been focused elsewhere (and you know I can only do one thing at a time) but I hadn’t realised how much I’d neglected it until I noticed it the web address had disappeared from my address bar! I apologise to those of you who’ve contacted… Read more »

Absolutely FURIOUS!

I KNOW I shouldn’t post when I’m angry, but I need an outlet for my emotions. I finally got my royalty statement for my sales-to-date and it says that I sold NO books when it came out. I know all you readers know this is untrue, and my first ever royalty statement proves otherwise. I… Read more »

Nearly there…

Hello! Just been doing some sponsorship admin. Still £56 short, but I’m getting there. My mam’s got all but her final tenner, and my sister still has a few people to track down. Hubby sponsored someone who was doing a cycle ride for the Stroke Association – I’ll pay up tomorrow, as I now know… Read more »