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Post-Christmas blues…

Is it just me, or does anyone else get a bit sad after Christmas is over? I think I just get myself so geared up for Christmas Day/Boxing Day that afterwards, it’s like there’s nothing to look forward to until next Christmas! We don’t really celebrate New Year (although we just about manage to stay… Read more »

And relax…

Post-Christmas greetings to you all, and I hope that you had a pleasant time. Santa was very, very good to me (so it was worth being a good girl all year, although I had my doubts at the time). Now being the proud owner of a baby laptop, I have no excuse not to resume… Read more »

The not-so-beautiful laundrette!

What’s the difference between a Washeria and a laundrette? That’s not the beginning of a joke – I really want to know. Perhaps washeria is another word for noisy sweatbox? We spent our morning in a local washeria, trying to catch up on five bags worth of things we needed to wash, but have nowhere… Read more »

Armchair critics.

Apologies if this post is littered with errors but, as well as the laptop, I have a puppy and a dog on me knee – the other dog is asleep beside me. On Saturday, I finally got out to do something fun: a trip to see Steve Coogan at City Hall. If you’ve read this… Read more »

Sunday Soapbox!

I’m not feeling too good (going out in yesterday’s rain was not the best idea) so was going to relax today. However, I’m really quite annoyed by some of the things I’ve read on the internet during my surfing, and seen on TV this morning. 1. Why does ANY issue that Newcastle United FC have… Read more »


Apologies for being so quiet lately. Between a cold and the new puppy, I haven’t had much sleep so bogging is way down on the priority list. The pup is still loaded with cold, and is keeping us awake almost all night. During the day, she is full of mischief and I don’t know how… Read more »


I’ve been terrible at posting lately, as life has taken over from leisure acitivities such as blogging. I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of DIY, tidying and making-do, in anticipation of a survey on my house (I’ve hated having to sit and watch others work, while I’ve had no energy to join in…although even… Read more »

Does Karma exist?

I sometimes wonder, as I am fortunate to know some fantastic people, yet they seem to be beset by misfortune. There’s my mam for one: she’s the most selfless, kind-hearted person you could imagine, yet the past few years have not been kind to her. She helps other people to the detriment of herself, and… Read more »

Do not try this at home!

Sorry I haven’t been online, but (as anticipated) I’m suffering after last weekend’s exertion. Thank you for all the sponsorship money that’s coming in. The resultant exhaustion seems to be hitting me in stages, but at least the bruising is getting better. It’s never very pleasant to feel like this (needing help to get out… Read more »

Tyne Bridge Terror, part two.

So, we had to make our way to the top of the bridge and, just as I’d feared, there were staircases to climb. I’ll be honest with you, I was so exhausted just getting to the first set of steps that I thought that was it. Over. I had to keep stopping to rest, but… Read more »