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Two days to go. Status: weak.

I feel strangely calm (the calm before the storm, or rather, before the sun, according to Sunday’s weather forecast). That’s even after watching Don’t Get Done, Get Dom and, believe it or not, he was on Tyneside. Lovely shot of the Tyne Bridge to remind me of Sunday’s event. I’m still feeling really weak, despite… Read more »

Six days to go. Status: hit by reality.

I’ve been touched by how generous people who don’t even know me have been…as well as those who do know me, of course. Today I got an email from the abseil organisers, asking for the final details – it made everything seem more real. I’m also happy to confirm that ACE provide helmets, gloves and… Read more »

Seven days to go. Status: tired.

I’ve added that photo I mentioned to the ‘Embarrassing Photos’ section of the website. To be honest, my sister should be more embarrassed than me (check out her sunglasses) but she never looks at this site, so it’s OK! I still haven’t raised enough money to tell you how I think my phobia began, but… Read more »

No, no, noooooo!

I’m a huge comedy fan. Thanks to my lovely mam, I have tickets to see Steve Coogan in December – I was a very big fan of his until he described some of his fans as ‘bunny boilers”, but have decided to give him another chance. However, today, I was disappointed to read that Victoria… Read more »

Reverse S.A.D.

While you are all excitedly stoking up the barbecues and sloshing on the sun cream, spare a thought for the odd (take odd in any way you choose) person like myself that absolutely hates the summer. In the same way as some people are affected negatively by the nights cutting in and the cold weather,… Read more »


I’ve been trying not to think about the abseil, but it seems that I cannot escape reminders. The Tyne Bridge is such an iconic image of the North East, that it appears all over the place. Yesterday, I was watching the Hairy Bikers’ programme, and there it was in all its glory: high (oh so… Read more »

Compare People…but not me!

Just been cleaning up my Facebook profile and have decided to get rid of the ‘Compare People’ application. Basically, you are compared, by your friends, to their other friends in many different categories. It’s interesting, from one perspective, as it’s amusing to see how people ‘see’ you (especially those who don’t know you well…or at… Read more »

Days like these!

I don’t like days like these. The days after I’ve been out and I now feel rough, but know I have commitments in the week ahead. I didn’t do anything too energetic or exciting – just a wander round the Metrocentre – but I felt awful and we had to come home. I know that… Read more »

Jelly legs!

Just been talking about the forthcoming abseil with my auntie Karen, and have already developed ‘jelly legs’. Watched some YouTube footage of various people abseiling (including a man in a wheelchair) and was struck by a) how brave these people were; b) how high the bridge is; c) how fast they go down the rope;… Read more »