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What a LONG and boring day!

Two things to say and neither are book-related, but I’m confined to the sofa and very, very bored. Firstly, I am seriously considering learning to drive (in fact, I have got so far as getting an instructor’s details, but haven’t rang him yet). I need someone who has nerves of steel, the patience of a… Read more »

Life is a rollercoaster…

…it’s a white-knuckle ride that can make you sick! Who needs soap operas and the like when their real life is like an episode of the Jeremy Kyle show? I’m not going to elaborate at the moment, except to say that if I published a book about current events, readers will think it’s fiction rather… Read more »


Just a brief message to those of you who have contacted me recently and had no response: Sadly, my grandma Jones passed away today. I’ll be concentrating my energy on my family until after the funeral, but will reply to you soon. I’ve found this poem very comforting. Sometimes even writers forget how powerful words… Read more »

Oasis advert

Is it just me (and probably Paige, from Karma) who thinks this: the new advert on TV for Oasis drinks is really scary. The one I’m talking about is where the man is at the Hoppings (I’ve said Hoppings, but am suddenly wondering if this is a local word for travelling fair, or a universal… Read more »