Is it Fate…or Karma?

First, can I just answer a question that keeps popping up: why the pen name? I wrote the book in the ‘first person’ style – it seemed to give me a better understanding of the character, Paige. Being Holly A. Harvey also allowed me to write more freely. I had hoped it would avoid the following scenario from family and friends: am I in the book/is that character such and such/did that really happen? The characters are probably composites of many people that I have encountered throughout my life – if people choose to see themselves or someone they know, then I can do little about that. However, they are fictional characters. There are aspects of the storyline that may be based on a funny incident that I heard about/experienced/saw. However, it is a fictional story – it did not happen. That said, I think Paige is a lovely character (and, if she were real, would be a great friend to have) but she too is, as I would say when I was young, pretendy!

Back to reality. Still a little upset by the apparent lack of interest in the book. I’ve had some excellent feedback from those who’ve read it, but still no press reviews (which translates to ‘still no publicity’ Cry). I can’t force them to read it, so not sure what to do next – don’t want to pester people. I had a chance encounter with a gentleman from Cogito Books (Hexham) – as it happens, he is involved in Hexham Book Festival, and had just had an email from my publisher last week. Small world! He was at Sarah’s shop when I went in to pick up a book I’d ordered. We got talking and he promised to get in touch with my publisher.

I also have one more avenue to try, but I don’t want to elaborate on that yet – I will need some more of my promotional copies of the book before I can put that plan into action anyway. Aside from that, I have no irons in the fire. I can’t even use the advice/resources on WriteWords as I can’t afford the subscription yet. I just can’t think what to try next – I don’t want to waste my good fortune, and need to get my thinking cap on (that was metaphorical: I promise I didn’t buy that one on eBay!)

So where do I stand?

  • ‘Real’ bookshops: books in stock at Henry’s, and Waterstones (Hexham). The lady I spoke to in Waterstones (Newcastle) hasn’t got back to me yet, but at least we’ve exchanged emails and spoken on the telephone. Metrocentre branch ignored all my emails, so not much hope there. And WHSmith…nothing. No surprise there, then. Borders – I haven’t contacted them yet, but I will…soon!
  • Online: I’m back in stock at Amazon, and seem to be available at all other outlets (well, not me personally, the book).
  • Events: no more signings planned (though I will try to fulfil any request made through Henry’s Books); possibility of involvement in the Hexham Book Festival
  • Reviews (media): none, zero, zilch – where am I going wrong???
  • Reviews (general): verbal reviews are positive…so far!
  • Gardners (book wholesalers): the local representative is promoting the book in the North East – hopefully that will help.

My fingers have been crossed so long that it’s a wonder they haven’t fused together!