Impromptu book signing!

Went to Hexham for a couple of hours today, and went in to Waterstones for a book on Counselling Skills (you’ll be pleased to know I found a good book for the bargain price of £9.99). I got to meet Steph, at last (the Manager, who was extremely nice and very helpful, and believed in Karma when all other Waterstones didn’t). Apparently, all the books I came in and signed in March sold out! I was speechless…for at least a second. Steph asked me if I’d mind signing their new stock. Mind? I was delighted to do so, despite the fact I was writing on books in the middle of the shop, in full view of everyone… and was looking messy with NO make-up on and frizzy hair (whoever said, “No change there, then,” please shush)!

There have been some problems with actually getting hold of stock of the book, for some reason – they have been trying to order more copies for a while, and they’d only recently come in (they’d originally ordered twenty, but had only been able to secure seven, at first). I believe that, somewhere down the line, there has been trouble contacting the publishers regarding the availability of stock (or lack of it). This is something I need to check out. All of this affects my sales, so I feel a bit disheartened if it is the case that I’m trying my best to promote the book and no-one can actually get hold of it! Perhaps it was just a one-off glitch?

I can’t hide the fact that I’m chuffed to bits, and I thank Steph for her support. I’m grateful with a capital ‘G’! Off to email Natalie now.