Book signing at Borders!

Yay! I can’t believe it. On Saturday, 18th August 2007, I will be sitting in Borders at the Team Valley Trading Estate in Gateshead, hopefully signing copies of my book. Unlike last week when I was sitting in the coffee shop in Borders, eating a pain au chocolate and drinking Starbucks coffee… I’ll be there from 1pm and I really hope some people will come in and buy a copy of the book. This is the first sort-of high profile thing I’ve done, so I’m really nervous. I’m sure I’ll suffer many ‘what if no-one comes’ dreams beforehand but, for now, I’m just delighted! And I’ll finally get the chance to wear my book-signing-at-Borders-bargain-dress! If you’re local and at a loose end on that day, please come along and say hello. Please. Pretty please! Pretty please with sugar on top!!!

My publisher has nominated Karma for the Melissa Nathan Award for Comedy Romance. I don’t think I have a chance to win (given that Marian Keyes was the winner for 2007) but it’s nice to dream. If you get a chance, check out the link and read about Melissa Nathan. She was a truly inspirational woman.