The laptop is mightier than the pen…

…which is mightier than the sword. I would say that it depends on the circumstance. In an armed combat scenario, I’d far rather be wielding a rather large sword than a Bic biro. In that instance, the sword is mightier than the pen. However, should I be signing a peace treaty or something similar, then indeed the pen would be mightier (and considerably more useful) than the sword. For my own purposes, I find that the laptop is far mightier than the pen, so consequently, mighter than the sword also.

Why am I waffling? Well, book two (working title, “Look Who’s Stalking”) is coming together quite nicely in my head. The problem is getting the words down in print – I’m desperate to get started to take my mind off feeling ill and being unable to speak. I absolutely love to write on paper (my favourite pen is a ballpoint Parker Jotter, fact fans) but in book-writing terms, it’s hugely impractical for anything except rough notes. It’s far easier to manipulate the words using a laptop, and less laborious. The only drawback is that the laptop is big, heavy, bright and though billed as portable, I find it’s hard to port it off my knee, never mind anywhere else!!!

So, I’m on the horns of a dilemma – do I surround myself with pieces of scrumpled up paper I have written and then binned (ie edited) or do I wait until I’m well enough to spend some quality time on the mighty laptop? I opt for the former, fearing ideas will disappear into the wilderness that is my memory if I don’t consign them to paper.

Another thing I want to mention is MySpace. I just don’t get it. Does this mean I’m old and past it? I have had a MySpace account under my name for a while, but only have about 5 friends (not real friends, but people like Linkin Park, Simon Cowell, Discovered Authors). I don’t feel it is as user-friendly as Facebook (which I find incredibly easy to use) and can’t understand the fascination with it. The only quarrel I have with Facebook is that there are about a million (slight over-exaggeration) Jeremy Clarksons, all ‘real’ – has he had himself cloned in a bid to take over the world? In cyber space, do we ever know what/who is real???