Abseil: The Countdown Begins…

I’ve talked (and worried) about this for a while. I’ve pondered and panicked, wondering if I was up to the task ahead and if I could even manage to get any sponsors. Today, our booking was made, so there’s no going back.

As I’ve said before, I have a fear of heights (it’s not a phobia, as I don’t think it’s irrational to have a fear of stepping of a huge bridge). I even struggle with escalators, crossing bridges and being in high buildings. This is not a feat that is going to come naturally to me. So why am I doing it? Well, I’m usually the one who sponsors other people, or who helps out charities in less direct ways. This time, I thought I should participate, because I could let my fear control me, or I could try and do something to help other people, regardless of my terror. I will do everything in my power to complete this abseil, health and weather permitting.

We are a group of six:

Me; my sister, Lyndsey; my mam, Yvonne – supporting The ME Association (for obvious reasons) and The Stroke Association (the abseil takes place almost a year after my grandma died following a stroke).

My auntie, Karen – The Toby Henderson Trust

My friend Sarah – The Stroke Association

My friend, Julie – The ME Association and Cancer Research

So, now it’s down to you. Please could you consider sponsoring me? Or anyone else in my group, if you prefer to contribute to one of their charities? We have a page on Facebook, or you can use my online sponsorship form. If you use the online form, you will not have to enter payment details – you will simply be contacted after the event takes place.

“Every Little Helps”, as they say on the Tesco ads. I understand if you cannot afford to donate, but please at least take a moment to read about the work of these charities. Your support of us is as valuable to us, as the money we raise is to the charities. Thanks.