Wake-up call!

Yes, I am online early today. Got a call from my sister at 8.12am this morning (the one person who was not worried about the abseil one bit) to say she was scared. It wasn’t the reason she rang, but slipped it nicely into the conversation. Apparently, she had driven over the Tyne Bridge last weekend, and realised just how high it actually is. Fortunately, she’s more confident about getting sponsors, as she’s a great sales person and it often seems like she knows everybody. Lyndsey could sell you water and tell you it was a DIY Ice Kit!

The average age of our group of six novice abseilers is just over 39. Funnily enough, on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least frightened and 10 being the most frightened), I am at 39! A big “thank you” to the people who have been kind enough to sponsor me already – remember, EVERYTHING is gratefully received.

This event may well occupy my Blog quite a lot over the next two months, but I should also mention that I still haven’t heard anything further from my publisher or the agent I submitted the book to. I have a Readers’ Group event coming up a week on Monday, and I’m looking forward to that (although I will worry about it beforehand).