Things to do!

As you’ve noticed, I haven’t checked in here in a while – not because I’m no longer interested in blogging, but because I’d expected the site to disappear (as mentioned previously). Today, however, I’ve decided to spend the day trying to catch up on loose ends, including all the little bits and bobs I know I need to do but keep forgetting eg registering for a postal vote, sending a note to my old dog groomer, changing home insurer, etc. All thrilling stuff that needs to be done, so I’m forsaking Facebook time to do it.

First on the list was contacting my web designer to see about updating the site. It’s very out of date, and needs a spring clean. Second on the list is contacting a bank who insisted on sending me a cheque that I couldn’t cash. Third is to contact someone who, despite charging £125 per hour, doesn’t seem to understand how to act in a professional manner. And so it will go on like that today, unless I get distracted by something shiny.

If you’re wondering about the writing, I would say that I’d lost confidence. The fact that my book is still selling is great, but the fact that I haven’t seen any money from it niggles. So, I set myself a challenge. On the spur of the moment, I decided to enter a short story competition. I haven’t written a short story since GCSE English, so it was a bit daunting. I knew the closing date was looming, but hadn’t realised it was that very day…in one hour and two minutes. I put my head down and churned out over 1200 words. The fact that it wasn’t the best thing I could have written doesn’t matter. The fact that I did it and submitted it is what’s important. It’s proved that I can still write; I just don’t focus unless there’s a deadline. An imaginery deadline doesn’t help, so I’m open to ideas…