The next step…

Hello again! Had no intention of writing so often, but I’m cold and bored (typing this from my bed). In my quest to sell more than two books, I emailed Borders, Waterstones, and Gateshead Libraries Service – this is what happened so far:

Was in Borders book shop in Gateshead today, but was feeling too shy Embarassed to ask them what their procedure was with regard to book signings. Was able to justify this by telling myself that I’d already emailed them and was awaiting a response. I wouldn’t even let my mam ask if they were going to stock my book. When I got home, there it was: an email from Borders! I eagerly opened it, and it basically said, “Ask at your local store”. Oh dear!

I’ve still heard nothing from Waterstones and, on checking their website, it says that there is no stock availability of my book in-store. I don’t know if this is because it hasn’t been released yet or because they don’t intend to stock it… I have NO idea if the publishers have had any interest. Speaking of publishers, Sarah (who owns Henry’s Books) is emailing my contact today to ask for some promotional stuff in order to advertise my book/signing – take it she’s had no response yet! Can’t wait to find out how they’re going to market it!

I also had an email from my local Libraries Service – apparently my message to them had been ambiguous and I hadn’t made it clear if I was a local author or someone who was interested in local authors. Whoops! I replied to say that I would love to participate with their Readers’ Groups (though I didn’t know what I could offer them…) I keep agreeing to do things and then spending every minute afterwards worrying about what I’ve let myself in for.

I think that my BIG problem is that I have lots of excellent ideas, but not the guts to follow through with them. I’m going to have to find some self-confidence from somewhere soon – is it available on eBay?

Bye for now – laptop getting heavy and The Simpsons is on TV!