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Always learning.

When I posted in 2017, I told you I had enrolled on an MA course. Happily, I graduated in 2018 with an MA in Creative Writing, despite some challenges. I enjoy learning and the academic world, so I thought the natural next step would be a PhD. I am a researcher at heart. The first… Read more »

Back again!

Are you wondering where I’ve been? I’m not great at keeping up with Twitter (marginally better with Facebook) but the blog has been quite mischievous and has kept disappearing on me. Hopefully, it’s all sorted now. So, what have I been up to? Doing some artwork for charity – something I’ve dabbled in for years… Read more »

Creative Writing: week 4

Had reservations about choosing to write a poem for this week’s class – I’m not a poet, but did feel I wanted a challenge. The theme today was ‘returning’, whether it be to a place or a person. Surprisingly, there was very little criticism except that the way the poem reads is a little short… Read more »

And relax…no, really, relax!

So, I woke up this morning and my body protested against the idea of leaving the bed today. Several medications (and hours) later, I was heading to my Creative Writing class. I know it’s weird to have written a novel and had it published and THEN decided to learn about creative writing but a) I’ve… Read more »

September: Creative Writing

I noticed that, locally, there was a Creative Writing course running. I had a few doubts about it: a) It cost £65 – a LOT of money to me, that could possibly be better spent elsewhere (though it averages out at £6.50 per class) b) It begins at 9.30am, a few miles away from here… Read more »