Month: December 2008

Post-Christmas blues…

Is it just me, or does anyone else get a bit sad after Christmas is over? I think I just get myself so geared up for Christmas Day/Boxing Day that afterwards, it’s like there’s nothing to look forward to until next Christmas! We don’t really celebrate New Year (although we just about manage to stay… Read more »

And relax…

Post-Christmas greetings to you all, and I hope that you had a pleasant time. Santa was very, very good to me (so it was worth being a good girl all year, although I had my doubts at the time). Now being the proud owner of a baby laptop, I have no excuse not to resume… Read more »

The not-so-beautiful laundrette!

What’s the difference between a Washeria and a laundrette? That’s not the beginning of a joke – I really want to know. Perhaps washeria is another word for noisy sweatbox? We spent our morning in a local washeria, trying to catch up on five bags worth of things we needed to wash, but have nowhere… Read more »

Armchair critics.

Apologies if this post is littered with errors but, as well as the laptop, I have a puppy and a dog on me knee – the other dog is asleep beside me. On Saturday, I finally got out to do something fun: a trip to see Steve Coogan at City Hall. If you’ve read this… Read more »

Are your chestnuts roasting?

Hello again! I haven’t disappeared, but at the end of October, I got a letter to say that my domain was about to expire and it would cost quite a bit to renew it. Given the way I’ve been feeling about the whole Discovered Authors saga, I wasn’t sure I wanted the website to continue…. Read more »