Month: February 2008

Unofficial feedback!

Was in Waterstones today as I needed a copy of my book and it would have taken ages to go through the publisher to get one. Was incognito (ie in old clothes, little make-up, messy hair…ok, I was looking my normal self) as I felt a little silly buying my own book. The lady on… Read more »

DA Update

Apparently, the rumours surrounding DA are just the result of a misunderstanding. This is what I have been told, so I am happy to give them the benefit of the doubt. Watch this space!

Yep, Facebook again!

I now have a ‘fan page’ on Facebook, so if you’re addicted to Facebook (like I am), please drop in and say hello!

Thank you.

Just wanted to post a quick thank you to those of you have been kind enough to direct me to the Society of Authors website, where there is a warning about Discovered Authors. Although there are no details, it is clear that I am not alone in encountering problems with them. My worry is that… Read more »

Seething (long post warning).

Seething is what I am. It is feeling full of anger but being unable to express it clearly. It is also, incidentally, a small village in Norfolk. DA have still not bothered to contact me. The longer it goes on, the worse I feel. I don’t really have a hot temper (wastes too much energy)… Read more »

Wasting my time?

Tried yet again to contact my publishers, using a different email this time, as they STILL have not had the decency to reply. You aren’t surprised, are you? There are no superiors to complain to, so I’m just supposed to tolerate being treated like I don’t exist. Just to spite them, I might write a… Read more »

Thank you kindly!

Fans of Due South will recognise that as one of Benton Fraser’s catchphrases. I love Due South and admittedly had a bit of a girlie crush on Paul Gross when I was younger – he was just so kind and polite (as well as tall, dark and handsome, of course). Why am I jabbering on… Read more »


Sometimes, you just have to give in to self-pity, and sometimes you need to pull yourself out of it. At the moment, I’m wallowing. I’ll tell you what I’m fed up with, in a Victor Meldrew-style moan: being ill (currently missing out on a trip to Kirkharle), having no money (though hubby has started new… Read more »

Still waiting…

My publisher has still not taken the time to respond to me. I’m really upset and frustrated – does this kind of thing happen to everybody, or is it just me? I’m not sure what to do next. I’m not a member of the Society of Authors (couldn’t afford the £64 fee – I know… Read more »


Still no response from DA. Not impressed. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!