Month: August 2007

Solitary confinement

Not completely solitary, as the dogs are here, but am confined to the sofa…again…and not enjoying it. I’ve been ill for a couple of days and haven’t been able to do much – couldn’t read, use the computer or even watch tv but ideas kept springing to mind for one of the books I’ve been… Read more »

Cool site!

This is not book-related in the slightest, but I thought you might enjoy it. If you have a photo of yourself lurking on your hard-drive, take a look at the face recognition stuff on this site and compare yourself to a celebrity. I was quite flattered to see who I matched with (but I don’t… Read more »

This is what I need!

If I was famous, I would use this company: click on ‘Portfolio’ when the website opens. Wow! I wonder what they could do for me.

Gallery update!

I’ve added a photo to the Embarrassing collection: feel free to laugh. I am still nowhere near using up the film on the disposable camera (despite almost taking a photo in Waterstones in Newcastle, where a single copy of Karma was nestled on a shelf in the A-Z fiction section) so you’ll have to wait… Read more »

Nobody's perfect!

I ache all over and am exhausted, but it was totally worth it! Usually, I would have been happy to wake to the sound of torrential rain but yesterday I knew it would soon turn my almost perfectly straight hair into a frizzy mess reminiscent of candy-floss (except blonde, not pink). I got to the… Read more »

OK – is it really?

The title of this post is pretty cryptic, but let me explain: this morning at the unearthly hour of 9am, I was sitting in the hairdressers (trying to look at least a little presentable for tomorrow’s signing) and was offered a bundle of magazine to keep me busy as Lesley, my new stylist, did her… Read more »

Not the 'Best' photo!

Well, it just had to happen, didn’t it? The people at Best, in their wisdom, used the photo I joked about them using in a previous posting. Yup, they used ‘The Real Me’ (see the Gallery). From today, I am in a national magazine in my pyjamas with no make-up on, surrounded by mess…oh, and… Read more »

Nerves are kicking in…

I’m starting to worry about Saturday’s signing already. What if I don’t sell many books and Borders regret inviting me – it’s hardly going to encourage other Borders stores to stock Karma. My little sister is going to start promoting the book in Sheffield, where she lives, when she returns from her hols, but I’m… Read more »

Deja vu.

In a scene reminiscent of my first book signing, I found myself having to email my publisher to say the promotional leaflets hadn’t arrived yesterday (or today, actually). I’m assuming that Mr Wilcox at Borders hasn’t received his either, and my signing doesn’t appear on the Borders website (yep, I’m officially pathetic – I’ve been… Read more »

Biographical, my ass!!!

Firstly, I should make it clear that I am grateful the local press has finally taken an interest (why couldn’t it be in my book, rather than my condition) but… I hadn’t intended to read the Chronicle article, as I wanted to avoid seeing any pictures of me, but a few people pointed out some…inaccuracies,… Read more »