Deja vu.

In a scene reminiscent of my first book signing, I found myself having to email my publisher to say the promotional leaflets hadn’t arrived yesterday (or today, actually). I’m assuming that Mr Wilcox at Borders hasn’t received his either, and my signing doesn’t appear on the Borders website (yep, I’m officially pathetic – I’ve been checking their site every day, just in case). This is shaping up to be one of the best kept secrets in book signing history! That is, had it not been for the lovely people who responded to the email sent out this week – even if only a few of you who said you’d come actually turn up, I’ll be touched. I’m also grateful to John at Literature North East for adding my signing to the events page.

I also emailed BBC Radio Newcastle and some local press contacts that I (and DA) have dealt with, in the hope that they will mention the signing. Sometimes though, and I may have given you this link in the past, all the publicity in the world doesn’t help you. Obviously, I’d be happier if lots of people came and the book sold out, but I don’t expect miracles!

I also got my first royalty statement today. I won’t go into the gory details, but unless someone gives me a huge advance for my next book(s) – if there are any – I’m never going to be rich…or buy a big house…or a car…or a round of drinks at an expensive bar, for that matter! Although money would have been nice, its the little things that remind you why it was worth writing the book. This morning, I checked my Inbox and opened an email from a lady, called Elizabeth, who’d taken the time to contact me and tell me how much she’d liked Karma – that made me smile and, as they say in the Mastercard adverts, that’s priceless!!!