Month: October 2007

#Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours#

I had no intention of blogging tonight, but the neighbours are having people over and the music is really, really loud: I needed a distraction, as I certainly can’t get the sleep I desperately need!!! No-one I know is on Facebook at the moment, so I just checked my email account, and received a small… Read more »

In the picture!

I actually have a new camera, courtesy of Fuji’s Repair or Replace policy. Was rather surprised to see it this morning, as I haven’t sent them my old one yet… This means that I’m now able to take piccies and update the gallery – if I ever get any promotional opportunities (aside from the one… Read more »

Older but wiser…

The former, rather than the latter, I think. Just a quick thank you for all the birthday cards and messages. xx

Ugly Holly

That’s as maybe, but I was actually referring to the programme, Ugly Betty. I’m a huge fan, but couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable during this week’s episode. Betty’s talking to the strange sandwich man (not a man that’s a sandwich, but a man who sells them) and she says she’s a writer. He asks her… Read more »

Who Do You Think You Are?

I’ve been looking into my family tree for a couple of years now, and love to watch the TV programme, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ What relevance is this to a Blog about books? Well, it’s been rumoured within my family that we are related to Wordsworth – I have my doubts, but did… Read more »


I had a dream last night that I contacted a publisher about Karma and got the following message back: Get real! Not sure of the significance of this, but I hope it wasn’t prophetic… Saying that, if my dreams were prophetic, I’d have met James Martin and David Boreanaz by now (though the latter would… Read more »


As you can see, I’ve revamped the Gallery, and added a couple of new photos to the various albums. There is now a photographic record of my Borders signing (and you can’t tell my zip was unfastened and that I can’t even manage to dress myself). By the way, I don’t want a new watch…or… Read more »


I’m having an admin kind of week this week, so thought I’d have a recap of what’s been going on with the book. I’ve still heard nothing from either Tesco or WHSmith, with regard to the letters I sent them. I could use the postal strike as an excuse, but they were sent out long… Read more »

"International Author"

Ooh, two posts today – this one is even book-related! For the first time, I have seen myself described as an ‘international author’, on the Modern Women’s Fiction website. I was feeling a little down about the lack of publicity for Karma, and this made me smile. Thanks for that (and I, too, like the… Read more »

London: Day Three (Homeward Bound)

Oh-so-tired and nothing but a buffet breakfast was going to lure me from my bed. Usually like to get up and chill (or warm?) in the jacuzzi but on Sunday there was a rather…amorous…young couple in there. She sat on his knee, kissing and carressing him, whilst sitting beside a young boy and his dad…. Read more »