London: Day Three (Homeward Bound)

Oh-so-tired and nothing but a buffet breakfast was going to lure me from my bed. Usually like to get up and chill (or warm?) in the jacuzzi but on Sunday there was a rather…amorous…young couple in there. She sat on his knee, kissing and carressing him, whilst sitting beside a young boy and his dad. I found it a little distasteful (as did a couple of other patrons, according to the changing room gossip). Put me right off, I can tell you!

Had to catch the train at 2pm, but felt terrible that I hadn’t brought any gifts back, so decided to go to Covent Garden (as we’d seen a bus that went that way). First stop was Starbucks, and then we wandered the streets, looking for something to spend our money on. Gordon restrained me from blowing all my cash (and credit) in Godiva, and I decided to find Miss Sixty (as I’d noted it was on one of my many maps). Traipsed the streets for as long as our schedule would allow, but couldn’t see a Miss, Sixty or otherwise! By this time, my blister had developed its own blister (due to inappropriate footwear, rather than excessive walking), and we headed back to the hotel to check out.

Had already paid bill on arrival, so just expected to pay for an exorbitant couple of (small) bottles of cider. Was amazed to get a bill for thirty quid! On further inspection, found we’d been accidentally charged £20 for a data cable we’d borrowed from (and returned to) the Concierge! Still made the cider almost £10, but ho-hum, heading home. Got a black cab to the station, as my little legs wouldn’t carry me a step further. He was the first real cockney I’d come across on the trip, and he was really friendly. He informed us that he’d taken some people to the O2 on Saturday night and the journey there and back had cost less than half what we had paid. I was furious, but had suspected as much. The cabbie was also annoyed as things like this give tourists the wrong idea about London. A strongly worded letter was sent to the Group Head Office the day after we returned…goodness knows when we’ll get a response, due to the postal strikes (but I did get an email to say they were ‘looking in to it’). The journey home was uneventful, and we got a great welcome from the dogs.

Against my better judgment, I’ve added a couple of photos to the ’embarrassing photos’ section of my Gallery.