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Does this seem fair (part two)?

Ooh, I’m simmering with anger and am also quite upset. @RoyalMail (twitter name) should be ashamed of themselves. I foolishly thought the intervention of @RoyalMail Twitter Team would mean this farce would get sorted out. However, after email tennis with them, I ended up feeling worse. Each reply I sent was responded to by a… Read more »

What would you do…and a plug!

First, the plug. An author I know (and actually met through ‘Karma’) has her debut book in shops/online this week. She’s a lovely person and is trying hard to promote her book and get it in the best-seller lists. Her name is Ruth Saberton and her book is called ‘Katy Carter Wants A Hero’. It’s… Read more »

And so it continues…

Fobbed off again by Discovered Authors, I feel. Still no response to any of my emails. Hubby kindly called them for me last week and was unable to speak to the Main Man. Apparently, over a month later, he’s still ‘looking into’ my issues. How long does it take to read a speadsheet and look… Read more »

Still waiting…

Apologies that I haven’t updated my blog for a while. This was for reasons including the usual ME-related stuff, playing FB Scrabble, but mainly because I’d lost my log-in info and couldn’t remember how to get this sorted out! A few of you have emailed me to ask about the situation with DA. Without going… Read more »

Discovered Authors: why-oh-why…

…must you treat me this way? I don’t agree with airing my issues in public, but don’t want anyone else to have similar problems. As usual, I don’t suggest you shouldn’t use the company, as everyone’s experiences are different: read mine and make your own mind up. Communications between myself and the company have now… Read more »