What would you do…and a plug!

First, the plug. An author I know (and actually met through ‘Karma’) has her debut book in shops/online this week. She’s a lovely person and is trying hard to promote her book and get it in the best-seller lists. Her name is Ruth Saberton and her book is called ‘Katy Carter Wants A Hero’. It’s already had some brilliant reviews, so well worth a read. I can’t give you my opinion yet, as I’m waiting for my copy to arrive! I’ve also bought my mammy a copy for her birthday.

Now, I have a dilemma. Hubby is now dealing with DA, as I no longer have the energy – I’m finding that I’m getting angry with the whole situation and negative emotions and M.E. really don’t mix. I feel it’s becoming personal – I feel as though they’re implying that I’m somehow fudging the figures. However, I’m in a position to prove my own figures, etc, are correct, but to do so may have a negative effect on the company and, as a knock on effect, on other authors. Would you look after yourself, or would you consider other people? It’s in my nature to do the latter, but I really feel that I’m being pushed down roads I wouldn’t usually travel, IYKWIM. For goodness sake, it’s such a small sum: pay me already!

I feel tense again, and I sometimes wish I wasn’t so principled. Life would be much easier that way!