Month: November 2007

Once upon a time at Borders (2)

I woke up this morning, feeling like I’d been kicked all over, indicating that I was more tense about yesterday than I’d realised. I think it was because I’d been forewarned that there’d been a misunderstanding with regard to the publicity material and it hadn’t been displayed – this meant that there were fewer people… Read more »

Once upon a time at Borders (1)

This is just an information-giving post, for the people who were kind enough to join me at Borders yesterday evening (a post about the event will follow soon). I mentioned several websites that I have found both useful and entertaining, and I also remembered what those very short stories are called: Flash Fiction! It came… Read more »

The X-Factor

Imagine this hypothetical scenario (and it’s SO unlikely, that’s all it will ever be): Holly (trying to imitate Christina Aguilera, but sounding more like a constipated budgie): #You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can’t bring you down…# Simon Cowell (one eyebrow raised): “STOP! That was terrible. Who told you that you could… Read more »

A little bird tells me…

Its amazing what you can find out on the internet…and how it can affect you. I was very bored this evening and took a look around some forums I like to read. I must tell you that I came across quite a damning condemnation of my book. Why am I sharing this? Because it upset… Read more »

It's been a while…

To be honest, Christmas shopping has taken its toll. I thought I’d be organised and get in before the crowds…unfortunately, the crowds had the same idea! NaNoWriMo didn’t motivate me at all, although the main character in my current story has been making herself known to me. Her name is Alison (Al to her friends)… Read more »


Ok, strange title, but fans of Ugly Betty may know that ‘quack’ signifies that I’m about to make some excuses… NaNoWriMo? NoNoWriMo, in my case. I promise you, it isn’t because the ideas aren’t there, but I’ve been feeling a bit rough and can’t seem to motivate myself. There are other factors which are affecting… Read more »

Once Upon A Time…

I received the details of the forthcoming event I was telling you about, so thought I’d share them with you. The event is to promote Gateshead Council’s Short Story Competition 2008, which must begin with the immortal line, “Once upon a time…” The competition is open to all age groups and closes in March 2008…. Read more »


Well, at the end of the first day of NaNoWriMo (1st November), I had just over 1600 words under my belt (participants are told to aim for approx. 1667 per day). I think that total may be static for a few days, as I’m too tired to think, never mind type! My inner critic finds… Read more »