Month: June 2010

Still no email!

холни масиI know I’m repeating myself, but I still can’t access the email address that the ‘Contact Holly’ messages go to. If you do want to message me, you can find me on both Facebook and Twitter. Why-oh-why is there no ‘forgotten password’ button on my webmail account. Madness!


Was updating my Asda order (on a budget, as usual) and then went to check-out. OMG, I’d won £75 worth of shopping with a Dettol competition and there was an e-voucher waiting for me! I was so pleased, and ordered myself a few treats (Febreze and a Dip Dab) and ordered some alcohol for the… Read more »

An Evening with…Peter Shilton!

It’s not a very girly thing to say, but I have several sporting idols who are footballers. Goalkeepers, actually. My absolute favourite player is Peter Shilton, closely followed by David Seaman. Last night, after 20+ years (yes, I’m THAT old) of being a fan, I finally got to meet Peter Shilton at a charity event… Read more »