Month: June 2008

Does Karma exist?

I sometimes wonder, as I am fortunate to know some fantastic people, yet they seem to be beset by misfortune. There’s my mam for one: she’s the most selfless, kind-hearted person you could imagine, yet the past few years have not been kind to her. She helps other people to the detriment of herself, and… Read more »

What's up…or down?

For the next 19 days, feel free to watch me slip from the bridge, here. Fortunately, there’s no sound and, as I mentioned previously, you’ll clearly be able to see me mouthing the words, “I really can’t do this,” as I’m lying on the railing. I still haven’t recovered from the day, and I’m trying… Read more »

The end or the beginning?

I’ve decided to pull the plug on the book. It’s a pretty drastic step and many people would take the view that, as long as it’s being sold, that’s a good thing. I don’t. I don’t like being screwed over, so if I’m not getting paid for my hard work, then no-one else should be… Read more »

Do not try this at home!

Sorry I haven’t been online, but (as anticipated) I’m suffering after last weekend’s exertion. Thank you for all the sponsorship money that’s coming in. The resultant exhaustion seems to be hitting me in stages, but at least the bruising is getting better. It’s never very pleasant to feel like this (needing help to get out… Read more »

Tyne Bridge Terror, part two.

So, we had to make our way to the top of the bridge and, just as I’d feared, there were staircases to climb. I’ll be honest with you, I was so exhausted just getting to the first set of steps that I thought that was it. Over. I had to keep stopping to rest, but… Read more »

Tyne Bridge Terror, part one!

Woke up on Saturday morning, feeling sick with dread. Went to collect some medals I’d had made up for the participants (I felt they should have something to remind them of the day), then my sister, my mam and I went to my auntie’s house for a pre-event worrying session. My mam was cool as… Read more »

Less than 24 hours to go. Status: terrified.

Where are those brown trousers? I’m not exaggerating when I say that I am absolutely terrified. Let’s call it ‘Brown Alert’. People (who aren’t abseiling) tell me that I’ll be fine and there’s nothing to worry about. People (who are abseiling) tell me I can’t chicken out as I’ll be letting everyone down. No pressure,… Read more »

Two days to go. Status: weak.

I feel strangely calm (the calm before the storm, or rather, before the sun, according to Sunday’s weather forecast). That’s even after watching Don’t Get Done, Get Dom and, believe it or not, he was on Tyneside. Lovely shot of the Tyne Bridge to remind me of Sunday’s event. I’m still feeling really weak, despite… Read more »

Three days to go. Status: blond.

Hello – blonds may have more fun, but not today, as I woke up with the beginnings of a cold. Of all the weeks I could have woken up with a cold, it had to be the one which contained my charity event! I’m freezing cold, despite rising temperatures, and I’m typing this from bed…. Read more »