Month: April 2007

New book?

There’s a money spider crawling over my laptop screen as I type: I hope this is a sign of something good, as I was just going to tell you about another book I was considering working on! Perhaps I’m clutching at straws, eh? Maybe the spider’s just building a WEB-site, ha-ha! Sorry, my sense of… Read more »

Hello to global readers!

Was surprised and delighted to receive a message from a lady called Elly, who runs a support group for ME/CFS sufferers near Washington, in the USA! She has kindly posted a link on her site to my own website, and has listed my book too (I love that my book has been listed as COMEDY… Read more »

Uh-oh, Emily again!

Here we go again! That comment about Emily and Canada is back, and is obscuring the window where I type (so excuse any mistakes, please)! Still, the Blog site is free, so I’m getting what I paid for!!! I can’t use bold, italic, underline or the smilies – how on earth will I express myself?… Read more »

SO sorry!

SORRY. Can’t apologise enough to those of you who have been good enough to contact me via the Contact form on my website. I have only just been able to gain access, and feel terrible that you have taken the time to get in touch, and not had a response. Rest assured, I am rectifying… Read more »


Hello! This Blog was intended as a ‘recap’ (or the blog equivalent of a clipshow?) but a few new things have cropped up. I’ll do a quick recap first, and keep you waiting for the new info (unless, of course, you scroll down…) I can’t honestly tell you how the book has been selling –… Read more »

Predictable? Moi?

Excuse the French but, for some obscure reason, everything apart from my typing is appearing en Francais. There’s also an odd message that I can’t get rid of from someone telling me to “have a great time when Emily is here and a wonderful time when you go to Canada” – if anyone can enlighten… Read more »

ME in a magazine

Only a short message this time, as I’m not feeling up to writing tomes. Just wanted to say that I received my copies of ME Essentials newsletter this morning, and Tony has written a fantastic article. I’m very pleased with it, and was (surprisingly) happy with the cover. There’s a shot of the magazine in… Read more »

London Book Fair, etc

Had a good old email-moan at Natalie about all things book-related (she probably dreads seeing my name popping up in her Inbox). Anyway, all is sorted with distribution to the distributors, and Natalie’s spoken to the nice lady at Waterstones Hexham (although it sounds to me as if Newcastle branch and Borders Gateshead seem to… Read more »

Impromptu book signing!

Went to Hexham for a couple of hours today, and went in to Waterstones for a book on Counselling Skills (you’ll be pleased to know I found a good book for the bargain price of £9.99). I got to meet Steph, at last (the Manager, who was extremely nice and very helpful, and believed in… Read more »

Writing, the free hobby

Hello! Hope you had a lovely Easter. We didn’t do much, but managed to find a quiz to go to on Easter Sunday – mid-way through, we were doing so badly that we were looking for ways to make a sharp exit. However, we (my parents, Gordon and I) made a comeback and finally WON… Read more »