Month: September 2007

5* London on a 0* budget…

The travel nerves are setting in, now they are no longer numbed by the prospect of seeing James Martin. I don’t do travelling, as I’m always worried I’ll be ill and let people down. I only travel if it’s to see/do something I’ll never see in my own region ie I went to Manchester to… Read more »


In lots of ways. Firstly, I was hoping to finally see James Martin in the flesh, and couldn’t believe my luck when I saw he was scheduled to appear at an event just outside my hotel in London, this weekend coming. Then, less than a week before I go, I read that he is no… Read more »

ME North East

I wasn’t intending to post today, and this isn’t book-related, but I read something rather sad this afternoon: ME North East, which has helped many sufferers of ME/CFS and related conditions in the North East, is having a funding crisis. This makes me sad and a bit cross, as this condition is so misunderstood that… Read more »

What REAL authors do…

…is read their books and take responsibility for the errors. They don’t rely on copy editors, proof-readers or friends. So, any errors contained within the book are my fault and my fault only. Why do I say this, considering it’s not like me to admit that I’ve done something wrong? Well, I had an email… Read more »

Such a purfecshunist!

Just a quickie. As I regularly tell people, I haven’t read Karma, in case I see something I want to change – given that it was more or less published ‘as written’, without the aid of an Editor. This morning, I was forced to look at the book, in order to select a few passages… Read more »

Library event looms…

As you know, I thoroughly enjoyed being a featured author on a couple of book-related sites on the internet. I was able to sit, at my laptop (usually in my pyjamas), and answer the questions that were thrown at me, in my own time (writing and re-writing the answers until I was happy with them)…. Read more »

Desperately Seeking Ali!

I finally got into the outside world today, after a week indoors, and it’s cleared my head enough to enable me to write a post! I think yesterday’s lovely sports massage helped too!!! As you know, I’ve been contemplating the merits of entering various competitions for writers, and trying to weigh up whether the benefit… Read more »

Enquiring minds wanna know…

Rather than scale the mountainous ironing pile, I decided to concentrate on activities I could do from the sofa: enquiring. I got an email this morning from the customer service department at WHSmith who gave me some different information from what the previous contact told me: apparently, each store manager has a local budget with… Read more »


Having conquered my addiction to e-Bay, I still look on the site from time to time, but don’t buy often. I was idly browsing this morning and came across the first copy of Karma that I’ve ever seen on eBay. The seller is local (<5 miles away, according to the site) and I was SO… Read more »

Fine…but not dandy!

Hmmm…once again, I’m glad of my pseudonym. Lack of a book buying budget means that I’ve been visiting my local library more often than usual, and I nipped in yesterday to borrow a few more books. I’d just finished ‘Welcome to the Real World’ by Carole Matthews, but hadn’t yet returned it. I grabbed my… Read more »