In lots of ways. Firstly, I was hoping to finally see James Martin in the flesh, and couldn’t believe my luck when I saw he was scheduled to appear at an event just outside my hotel in London, this weekend coming. Then, less than a week before I go, I read that he is no longer expected to attend. I missed every one of his book-signings, as I wasn’t well enough to travel, so I guess I’m not destined to see him in person. It would be funny if there were a post on James Martin’s website that said, “Thank goodness I’m not going to that event in London, so I won’t run into that strange woman that mentioned me in her Blog! Scuppered her again, mwah-ha-ha (evil laugh)!”

Secondly, you may remember that I mentioned Kindred Spirit magazine had expressed an interest in doing an interview (earlier in the year). I love holistic therapy, so was quite excited about this – as I’d heard nothing from them, I decided to take a chance and contact them personally (rather than through the publisher). I got an email back to say that they had wanted to do an interview, but they’d heard nothing back, so went ahead without me. They are doing a huge article on ME/CFS, so it would have been a great opportunity for me…obviously, it wasn’t meant to be, but I was very disappointed. As you know, I’ve found it almost impossible to get any exposure for the book, so I’m kicking myself that we missed out (or I would kick myself but, with my luck, I’d probably miss!)

I haven’t had a response from the letters I sent to WHSmith and Tesco yet, but it’s early days. I also haven’t got a new digital camera or the photos from the Borders signing yet, so I haven’t updated the gallery (although I have updated my Facebook gallery…still addicted!)

I apologise for the miserable post, but I’ve still got cold and a mouth infection, so I’m feeling sorry for myself…and worried that I won’t have recovered in time for my trip (the first holiday-type-thing I’ve had in years)!!!