Month: April 2008

Awareness (?)

Apparently, 12th May 2008 is International ME Awareness Day – I’ve used a question mark, as it seems as though only people who have ME/CFS or work in the field are actually aware of it. I thought the aim was to raise awareness among the population as a whole, but there’s not a great deal… Read more »


I’ve been trying not to think about the abseil, but it seems that I cannot escape reminders. The Tyne Bridge is such an iconic image of the North East, that it appears all over the place. Yesterday, I was watching the Hairy Bikers’ programme, and there it was in all its glory: high (oh so… Read more »

Happy anniversary!

I’m spending my 12th wedding anniversary in bed…on my own, with my dogs and my laptop. It started off so promisingly (except Match of the Day at 7.35am) with a nice breakfast in bed, but now hubby is off to baseball. To be fair, he did say he would stay home, but in the bloke… Read more »

Compare People…but not me!

Just been cleaning up my Facebook profile and have decided to get rid of the ‘Compare People’ application. Basically, you are compared, by your friends, to their other friends in many different categories. It’s interesting, from one perspective, as it’s amusing to see how people ‘see’ you (especially those who don’t know you well…or at… Read more »

Rowlands Gill Readers' Group

My Facebook friends will know I was feeling a bit ropey yesterday, but I’d managed to pull myself together a bit before the readers’ group meeting. It was such a friendly group, I couldn’t have failed to have a nice time – there was even someone there who I used to go to school with,… Read more »

Days like these!

I don’t like days like these. The days after I’ve been out and I now feel rough, but know I have commitments in the week ahead. I didn’t do anything too energetic or exciting – just a wander round the Metrocentre – but I felt awful and we had to come home. I know that… Read more »

Wake-up call!

Yes, I am online early today. Got a call from my sister at 8.12am this morning (the one person who was not worried about the abseil one bit) to say she was scared. It wasn’t the reason she rang, but slipped it nicely into the conversation. Apparently, she had driven over the Tyne Bridge last… Read more »

Abseil: The Countdown Begins…

I’ve talked (and worried) about this for a while. I’ve pondered and panicked, wondering if I was up to the task ahead and if I could even manage to get any sponsors. Today, our booking was made, so there’s no going back. As I’ve said before, I have a fear of heights (it’s not a… Read more »

Theme tunes.

I’ve seen people discussing their ‘theme tunes’ on a number of the Blogs that I read. It got me thinking… Mine would probably be “Goody Two Shoes” by Adam and the Ants.


I was thinking, the other day, that I don’t think I am destined to be a writer. Not sure what I am meant to be, but all pathways so far have led back to the sofa. I could have been a Biomedical Scientist, had illness not stopped me in my tracks. Then, I tried a… Read more »