Rowlands Gill Readers' Group

My Facebook friends will know I was feeling a bit ropey yesterday, but I’d managed to pull myself together a bit before the readers’ group meeting. It was such a friendly group, I couldn’t have failed to have a nice time – there was even someone there who I used to go to school with, which was a little strange (but in a nice way). She hadn’t changed a bit!

When I’m tired, I tend to loose my…train of thought, waffle and/or forget my words. I did all of those things last night, but either no-one noticed or they were too polite to say! Once again, it felt more like a social event, and I really enjoyed myself. They even had a buffet, which I didn’t sample, but Gordon did, and he raved about the caramalised onion and goat’s cheese tartlets!!! Guess I’m going to have to seek out a recipe…and look for a goat’s cheese alternative (can’t bring myself to eat anything with ‘goat’ in its name). Claire was kind enough to take us almost doorstep to doorstep and, suitably tired, I had a fabulous night’s sleep. My thanks to Claire and everyone at the readers’ group for a lovely evening!

Next stop: Gateshead Central Library on 15th May 2008.