Month: August 2022

Me v the Team Valley

My one and a half hour lesson turned into a two-hour lesson and involved a trip around (some of) the Team Valley. I haven’t been down there since the pandemic began and haven’t driven down there since I was at school. That was a VERY long time ago. Things have changed quite a bit. There’s… Read more »

Driving Lesson Eve

I’m starting to feel a little prickle of anxiety ahead of tomorrow’s lesson (lesson 2). I’m not in a hurry to tell my family that I’m learning to drive as it will put more pressure on me, but my mam is bringing her dog to be doggy-sat just around the time my instructor is due…. Read more »

Back again!

I haven’t done a lot of writing lately. I’ve done a lot of worrying instead, which seems to occupy the creative section of the brain. My anxiety has been an issue…so much so that it caused a dental problem (stupid sleep-teeth-clenching). I have a phobia of dentists (among many other things) but it got to… Read more »