Month: October 2011

Book 4: Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge

The last book in the Reading Challenge – and it has been a challenge, as I deliberately chose books I would not have picked up in a book shop. The final book I selected was Crippen by John Boyne. I had heard of Crippen, of course, but given his notoriety, assumed him to be a… Read more »

Creative Writing: week 4

Had reservations about choosing to write a poem for this week’s class – I’m not a poet, but did feel I wanted a challenge. The theme today was ‘returning’, whether it be to a place or a person. Surprisingly, there was very little criticism except that the way the poem reads is a little short… Read more »

3rd Annual Charity Night in aid of Marie Curie, Newcastle

It’s that time of year again – this year, it has been EXTREMELY difficult to get prizes. Not only are people busy, companies are tightening their belts and there are so many deserving causes out there that they can’t help everyone. Nevertheless, I am not prizeless: ordinary people have dug deep and donated things to… Read more »

Karma Kindle cover:

Try saying that quickly! Have been working on a Kindle cover for Karma – as you know, I hated the girlie pink cover on the original version of Karma. It’s just not me…and it certainly wasn’t Paige! She isn’t a girlie girl! My cousin, Mika, kindly agreed to act as my model and spent yesterday… Read more »

Creative Writing: week 3

Week three of a ten week course – where does the time go? My haiku, which I mentioned a few weeks ago, had mixed feedback. Firstly, I’d got confused with the way they should be written (can I blame my ME/CFS for the confusion – probably not): syllable-wise, they should be 5 -7 – 5…. Read more »

BBC Good Food Magazine

Take a look at November’s magazine: yep, that’s me in the Taste Team. It’s just another one of those things that I signed up for, while idly browsing the internet. I made four recipes: Pork with a maple sauce, beef with anchovy toast, turkey stir fry (my favourite) and a pear and cardamom tart. I… Read more »