Karma Kindle cover:

Try saying that quickly!

Have been working on a Kindle cover for Karma – as you know, I hated the girlie pink cover on the original version of Karma. It’s just not me…and it certainly wasn’t Paige! She isn’t a girlie girl!

My cousin, Mika, kindly agreed to act as my model and spent yesterday dressed as a devil/angel, while my hubby took some photos to try and capture the idea I had in my head. The photos were great, so if they don’t look good, it’s my photoshopping that lets them down. I am a newbie to photo editing and was learning both Photoshop and Picassa as I went along. I have posted a mock-up of what the cover might look like, so please feel free to let me know your thoughts. I believe that most kindles are black & white, so obviously the cover wouldn’t be in colour – use your imagination.


I hope it would make you want to pick the book up…