Month: March 2007

Another quickie!

Hello. Another quick message today, as I’m exhausted after my telephone interview with a very nice journalist called Coreena from the Sunday Sun. I know it sounds pathetic to be tired after a conversation, but this happens sometimes (Gordon and I even developed a kind of sign language so that I could ‘talk’ to him… Read more »

What is her problem?

🙁 I am sitting here, alone, fuming about something I’ve just read. In truth, I’m a bit upset about it too. I’m a member of a number of book forums, and on this particular one, there are links to my website, etc. in my signature. I only did this because another forum member advised me… Read more »

Hexham Book Festival

I know I shouldn’t be updating my Blog at the moment, as I’m tired, cold and frustrated – I’m bound to sound negative, but wanted to write while it’s still fresh in my mind. Waited for my promo leaflets to come, so I could give some out in Hexham, but they didn’t arrive. So decided… Read more »

All quiet!

Thank you to all the lovely people I have encountered this week who have told me they loved the book- I’m so happy that you enjoyed it! Really happy, actually Smile . Things are pretty quiet, from my point of view (that’s for Natalie’s benefit – I know things may be going on behind the… Read more »

The Trashionista Review…dun, dun, duuuunnn!

Well, I read it…and it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. You can read it here: Whilst I respect the reviewer’s point of view, I disagree that Paige changed too quickly. I think she always had it in her to behave a little…mischeviously…but didn’t, in case people thought badly of her. The realisation… Read more »

Pride comes before a fall…

Yesterday, I found a fabulous review of Karma on a book forum I look at. It actually brought a tear to my eye and, for the first time, I felt really proud of myself. I admit that I read the review about five times before it sank in that someone I didn’t know had genuinely… Read more »


I’m a bad, impatient person! Foot in mouth Had an email from the lovely Natalie (have to say that now I know she reads my blog, LOL) to say that there IS interest from the local press. It’s just taken a while as they like to actually read the books before reviewing them. Makes sense… Read more »

Part Two: Competition – win an Amazon voucher!

It’s pretty straightforward. All you have to do is write a review of my book, Karma, in less than 300 words and the most well-written review, according to the judge, will win a £15 Amazon voucher. You don’t need to have bought the book to enter, but you do need to have read the book… Read more »

Part One: Borders…finally!

Hello – sorry I haven’t updated for a while. Been feeling a bit rough this week (so missed quiz night – sorry team). Not much has happened since I last blogged. I had two more lovely reviews on Amazon, and a few people have said they’ve enjoyed the story – not a lot of feedback,… Read more »

Is it Fate…or Karma?

First, can I just answer a question that keeps popping up: why the pen name? I wrote the book in the ‘first person’ style – it seemed to give me a better understanding of the character, Paige. Being Holly A. Harvey also allowed me to write more freely. I had hoped it would avoid the… Read more »