Part One: Borders…finally!

Hello – sorry I haven’t updated for a while. Been feeling a bit rough this week (so missed quiz night – sorry team). Not much has happened since I last blogged. I had two more lovely reviews on Amazon, and a few people have said they’ve enjoyed the story – not a lot of feedback, though (hence blog Part Two).

I have still had no interest from any media source at all. I even sent a press release to the local free paper. Didn’t get a reply. I was asked to post a copy of my press release (that the publisher wrote and distributed) to a book promotion group I’m part of…they slated it. One said she was a reporter and, to her, there was no story – she said she would have deleted it. Guess there’s a pile of Karma press releases sitting in various computer recycle bins across the nation Cry ! I have had a lot of advice from these people, but I get the feeling that without lots of money and knowing the right people, its going to be like climbing a mountain…in flip-flops.

Yesterday, I had to go to the local Retail Park, so decided to ask Borders’ staff why some people hadn’t been able to order Karma from their stores. At first, he couldn’t find it, but then it came up on their system. The wholesalers they use is Gardners, so he said there was no reason it couldn’t be ordered, except that it was out of stock at Gardners. So does that mean it’s out of stock again, or does it mean no more stock was ordered/sent? I just don’t know. He told me that Borders have a policy of supporting local authors, and asked a supervisor to come down. She doesn’t deal with these things, but told me that the woman responsible would be in today. She took a copy of my book and my contact number, telling me that someone would call me tomorrow (today). Hmmm…it’s now 3.12pm on a Sunday (early closing) and I haven’t heard a word. At least I approached them though. That’s the main thing. I’m trying to be proactive!

It seems as though most newspapers and magazines review books from people who are already known, and sell based on their previous success. On that basis, I don’t stand a chance. So what do newbies do? I’m starting to think that most fade into obscurity – it’s very difficult to stay motivated when you see few results, so check out the second part of today’s blog for my way of finding out what people REALLY think!

Oh, and I found out that James Martin is doing a book-signing in Leeds. That’s MUCH closer! Perhaps I should go – all in the name of research, of course – and try and convince them to stock my book while I’m there? The lengths I’m prepared to go to in order to sell my book. That’s dedication for you! Laughing

NOTE: Flying in the face of everything I said last week about me not feeling like I could inspire anyone, please take a look at this website: It seems like a great website, and the stories on it really do make my own pale into insignificance – I can’t even believe that they included me! It’s a very good concept, and it’s certainly worth taking a look at this site. Happy browsing!