Mulled Whine: New Year’s Eve 2022

2022, what a weirdo you have been! I’ve mainly been dragged through it in a haze of dental pain and anxiety. We lost two of our eldest dogs this year, one in May (just before her 14th birthday) and one during Christmas week (just before her 12th birthday). Dogs to us are like children to more conventional families, so it’s take a toll. However, we started the year with five dogs and have ended the year with five dogs. In June, we welcomed a crazy puppy into our family. Violet certainly reminded us that puppies are hard work and not to be taken on lightly. She is still reminding us that, daily. On the day Penny left us, a dog popped up on our Facebook feed. She was in a rescue after being rescued from her previous rescue who rescued her from a puppy farm (confused?). We’re not sure exactly how old she is but we collected Lottie on the Tuesday after Christmas. She is huge. And terrified of people. She loves our dogs, though, so hopefully she’ll grow to trust us, too.

In other things, as you know I finally decided to confront two of my (many) anxieties: dentists and driving. The dentist thing is ongoing. As for the driving, I passed my theory test first time, in October (much to my surprise). I was quite glad to find that the wait for a practical driving test is long. I do not expect to pass that first time. Or second. What else? Oh, I signed up to volunteer for a charity that helps children with their reading. I became ‘official’ just before Christmas, so should get my first child reader in the new year. I hope it goes well, as children aren’t shy about telling you you’re rubbish!

Writing-wise, my book is finished but, in a similar way to Eric Morecambe’s music, it has all the right words but not necessarily in the right order! Editing will take some time and, once again, it doesn’t really fall into a specific genre. I also won an award in a national competition, for my romantic fiction, which I was thrilled about as I loved the story and romantic fiction is probably my favourite genre to read. Plenty of long and short lists, as well, which lets me know I’m not as bad as my ego tells me I am! I’m still considering my PhD options. Not entirely sure I fit in academic circles. I’m more of a square. Still going to Claire’s writing classes (ask me for details via Facebook or Twitter) and always learning more.

Wishing you all a healthy 2023, because if you have that, you’re blessed and can work on everything else. Whatever you’re doing tonight, I hope you’re safe and happy. Speak soon. x