Month: May 2007

Oasis advert

Is it just me (and probably Paige, from Karma) who thinks this: the new advert on TV for Oasis drinks is really scary. The one I’m talking about is where the man is at the Hoppings (I’ve said Hoppings, but am suddenly wondering if this is a local word for travelling fair, or a universal… Read more »

Bank Holiday Weekend

Hello! No gallivanting for me this weekend – I have dedicatedly spent this afternoon getting the Blog up-to-date on my website. So, from now on, posts will be posted at and then transferred to my own site(always good to have a back up). I have also trimmed down the gallery at I’d intended… Read more »


Hello – was actually out of the house for a few hours this morning, and it has made me feel a bit better (not physically, of course, but definitely mentally). Think my lack of activity made me focus on the bad side of life, instead of looking at the positives. Still not sure about book… Read more »

Hopes dashed…

Another miserable post, but I feel I’m allowed to wallow in self-pity for a little while. Why? Finally found out how many books I have sold and feel as though the previous post I made was spot-on! If anything, it has made me question the decision to try writing another book if all my efforts… Read more »

Is it worth it?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself this past fortnight – is all the energy I’ve been putting into promoting the book really worth it? I am absolutely exhausted, and feeling rather rotten at the moment, so this has given me a unwelcome opportunity to dwell on the things I’ve done and what I’ve achieved… Read more »

Stir Crazy!

Why the title “Stir Crazy”? Not because I watched the film (Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder – excellent) this week, but until yesterday, I’ve been stuck indoors for what seems like an age. Because of the book, I’ve heard from some people I haven’t heard from in a long, long time. Firstly, I got an… Read more »

And the winner is…

Drum-roll, please…the winner is…MaryAnne! The Judge was very impressed with the quality of all of the entries (and I’m relieved to say that there were no negative ones), and had the following to say about MaryAnne’s review: “I liked the way it didn’t give away too much of the story but described the book really… Read more »

Strange day…

I’m having one of those days which go from bad to good to odd in succession (nothing major just a bit of an uppy-downy day, mood-wise). I haven’t mentioned this to many people, but I’ve been doing a counselling course (thinking that if I ever get back to my old self, it might be a… Read more »

Dear oh dear!

Well, the interview didn’t go to plan, did it? I was there early, but the show was running late – this gave me ample time to get nervous and need the loo (that might be too much information, but I said I was going to be honest with this blog)! The interviewer was on outside… Read more »

ME/CFS Awareness Week

First things first: I’ve just spoken to Charlie Charlton from BBC Radio Newcastle – she was SO nice and friendly, and they’d like me to do a short spot on The Mike Parr Breakfast Show tomorrow. It should air about 8.19am, and will cover both the book and ME/CFS. Again, I’m reluctantly providing a link… Read more »