And the winner is…

Drum-roll, please…the winner is…MaryAnne!

The Judge was very impressed with the quality of all of the entries (and I’m relieved to say that there were no negative ones), and had the following to say about MaryAnne’s review:

“I liked the way it didn’t give away too much of the story but described the book really well. It made it sound like it really is – a funny book with lots of surprises, and not a tragic story as someone might expect if you just said it’s a book about someone who is ill & people are nasty to them.”

So, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here’s the winning review of Karma:

Amusing, entertaining, satisfying.
I first read the opening chapter of Karma in the Bookforce “Undiscovered Authors” competition. Holly A Harvey then went on to win for the North East of England and the result was this highly entertaining book.

After making her way through school as an object of ridicule and practical jokes, Paige has still not managed to pull her life together at the age of 28. Her working life is unsatisfactory and illness has left her straddled with debts that she just can’t clear.

In the office things are not going to plan. After 4 years she is still not happy there and office politics are a constant dark cloud. When Paige applies for promotion things really come to a head ; Karma needs a bit of a helping hand!

In the midst of this arrives an invitation to her school’s 10 year reunion. She bravely decides to face her fears and attends with her close friend Sarah. There are, after all, some scores to settle!

I loved the way the book unravelled. Thanks to karma, and with a little assistance, the bad get their just desserts – but not necessarily in the way you’d expect.

Witty and erudite, this is a must-read for all fans of better quality, non formulaic Chick-Lit.

MaryAnne has also kindly placed her review on Amazon. I hope you enjoy spending your Amazon voucher…on more books?

PS Haven’t managed to arrange joint radio-interviewee blog yet – maybe next week?