Month: April 2010

Does this seem fair (part one)?

Last year, my mam saw a perfume she liked. It was a limited edition and I couldn’t buy it when I was with her, so had to wait until I could find it on the internet. I eventually managed to find a bottle, online, and thought it would be simple: I paid via Paypal, so… Read more »


As you know, as well as reading chick lit and biographies, I love Sci Fi. I am currently reading Changes by Jim Butcher and am marvelling at how good his writing actually is. I have been getting to the end of one chapter, meaning to put the book down, and been so taken in by… Read more »

Random thoughts

Ruth, who I mentioned previously, continues to climb the book charts with Katy Carter Wants A Hero – so delighted for her. I absolutely love books that let you escape from reality, but do like a dose of humour. I’ve been waiting for Jim Butcher’s latest Dresden novel for months and it’s finally here! I… Read more »