Random thoughts

Ruth, who I mentioned previously, continues to climb the book charts with Katy Carter Wants A Hero – so delighted for her. I absolutely love books that let you escape from reality, but do like a dose of humour. I’ve been waiting for Jim Butcher’s latest Dresden novel for months and it’s finally here! I enjoy reading in the bath, as it’s one of the few places I don’t get disturbed by a dog wanting me to move so that they can get comfortable! It looks like it may be a long bubble bath this evening…the book is about 2 inches thick!

Am still trying to improve my diet: just because I’m thin, it doesn’t mean I don’t eat rubbish, occasionally. I’m really into soup, since buying a Tri-blade blender (Kenwood). My current fave is red onion, potato, leek, garlic, pancetta and chicken stock. Historically, the only soup I liked was my grandad’s lentil soup – it is legendary in my family but, when he died, he never left the recipe. I’m told my auntie’s version is pretty close. I’m beginning to enjoy cooking and baking again, as hubby’s taken an interest in learning (no, I won’t be writing a cook book, although…) He’s a pretty good student, but does keep bringing a spoon in for me to taste everything before he serves it!

Still on the topic of being thin: haven’t been able to find a dress for a forthcoming family wedding (congratulations to Cheryl and David, who got married on 1st April). Am now watching a dress on eBay for the princely sum of one pound. Fingers crossed!

Finally, Frankie Boyle. I read a lady’s blog on the internet. She’d gone to see Boyle (knowing his reputation for no-holds-barred jokes). Apparently, he decided those with Downs’ Syndrome and their families were fair game. This lady’s young daughter has the condition and his comments made the lady very uncomfortable. He did notice this and spoke to her (she was in the front row). When she told him why, rather than back down and be apologetic, he became defensive and horrible. He went into a rant about how he couldn’t give a f***, as it was his last tour. He could have reacted so differently, and this poor woman ended up feeling bad! I know some comedians might do inappropriate jokes (both Steve Coogan and Jimmy Carr have made jokes about ME/CFS) but I like to think that, confronted by someone affected personally, they’d be sorry about it. Obviously all Frankie Boyle cares about is the money…