Month: July 2007

What a LONG and boring day!

Two things to say and neither are book-related, but I’m confined to the sofa and very, very bored. Firstly, I am seriously considering learning to drive (in fact, I have got so far as getting an instructor’s details, but haven’t rang him yet). I need someone who has nerves of steel, the patience of a… Read more »

Book signing at Borders!

Yay! I can’t believe it. On Saturday, 18th August 2007, I will be sitting in Borders at the Team Valley Trading Estate in Gateshead, hopefully signing copies of my book. Unlike last week when I was sitting in the coffee shop in Borders, eating a pain au chocolate and drinking Starbucks coffee… I’ll be there… Read more »

Bet you thought…

…only famous people did interviews from their snuggly warm beds! Well, you’d be wrong: this morning, I got a very unexpected call from a journalist from…wait for it…The Evening Chronicle! At long last, my local newspaper (and former employer) has contacted me. Despite being in bed, with the beginnings of a rotten cold, I had… Read more »

What a picture!

Fed up as I was feeling too rough to go out tonight (had meal at The Ivy planned, though not THE Ivy, and a quiz), so decided to update my Blog. Gallery: What a picture indeed! You may remember that I have been discussing doing a Reader event with Gateshead Libraries – I happened to… Read more »


Hello – I’m probably the only person in the UK enjoying this wet weather (it must be awful for those of you who are dealing with flooding where you live). Anyway, I’ve mostly been indoors, trying to get with the times and set up a profile on Facebook (Myspace unnerves me for some reason). I… Read more »

Harry Potter and me.

The people that know me know that I have an issue or two with Harry Potter – not the book, the film or the character (So why? For that you’d have to read my next book – there’s an incentive for you). However, my husband once made a promise to one of our nieces that… Read more »

Poor Holly!

14th August is the date my ‘letter’ will appear in Best magazine…maybe I shouldn’t have told you that until I’ve seen it myself. Wish I’d known that before I sidled up to the magazine rack in the Co-op and tried to casually skim through the pages – I bet all the security cameras were trained… Read more »

Temporary insanity?!

In an attempt to take my mind off what I will now refer to as “The Troubles“, I think that I may have gone too far. In fact, I think I could admit to temporary madness (at least, I hope its temporary…) What have I done? That’s a good question – one I will probably… Read more »

The Book Club Forum

I got a message today from Michelle at The Book Club Forum (one of my favourite book-related websites) to ask if I’d be interested in being August’s Featured Author, alongside Sam Grosser. I couldn’t type my response fast enough! Its very exciting for me, as it’s a very interactive site – there are opportunities to… Read more »

Simply the 'Best'…

I’ve just spoken to a lovely journalist called Jacqueline (hope I’ve spelled that correctly) from Best magazine, and it looks like I may be getting a mention in there. I’ve read Best for ages, so it’s pretty cool to think I’m going to be in there – it’s going to be their ‘Star Letter’, but… Read more »