Bet you thought…

…only famous people did interviews from their snuggly warm beds! Well, you’d be wrong: this morning, I got a very unexpected call from a journalist from…wait for it…The Evening Chronicle! At long last, my local newspaper (and former employer) has contacted me. Despite being in bed, with the beginnings of a rotten cold, I had a long chat about ME (not ME as in Holly, but M.E. as in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and the book. This article has stemmed from the phone call I mentioned weeks ago from the Chief Exec of ME North East – the journalist I’d spoken to, Liz, had passed my details on to the lady who spoke to me today.

I had a mild panic attack when I was called back a little later and was asked when the photographer could come round! I surveyed my living room (which looks like it was the scene of a police search) and wondered where on earth I would find the energy to tidy up. Fortunately, he/she isn’t coming until next Tuesday, but even so, I still have my doubts that it will be sorted out by then. And the big question is this: is there enough make-up in the world to make me look better by Tuesday? I’d like to blame my cold, but the truth is I am just not photogenic at all!

To other news: I have been reluctant to check my inbox today, in case the ‘In It To Win It’ people had contacted me, as I was dreading a message to ask me to audition. Then, stupidly, I was disappointed when I checked my mail to find they hadn’t replied! I guess if I don’t hear tomorrow, I can relax -after all, the auditions are this Monday coming. It’s always nice to dream you’ll have the chance to win some money, isn’t it?

Well, I’m off to lie on the sofa with several books MaryAnne kindly sent me, a bottle of Beechams All In One cold and flu medicine, a box of tissues, a can of lucozade, a bottle of orange juice, two dogs, and the TV/Sky remote controls. Here I will stay until bedtime – am hoping to stay awake for the new series of Everybody Hates Chris and the 10pm episode of My Name Is Earl. Oh, and before I go, I’d better mention that the Evening Chronicle article should be in the paper sometime during the next few weeks – I’ll post the link when it appears online.