Month: March 2008

Jelly legs!

Just been talking about the forthcoming abseil with my auntie Karen, and have already developed ‘jelly legs’. Watched some YouTube footage of various people abseiling (including a man in a wheelchair) and was struck by a) how brave these people were; b) how high the bridge is; c) how fast they go down the rope;… Read more »


I am currently changing ISPs, so may lose my broadband connection anytime between now and 31st March. I don’t have access elsewhere, but will respond to all my emails as soon as I’m back online. PS Marie has kindly repaired my gallery!

Book festivals, agents and stuff.

As usual, life is a little crazy for me (or perhaps life is fine, and it is me that is a little crazy…) which is why I haven’t posted for a while. Excuse the higgledy-piggledy order, as I’m trying to remember everything I wanted to say! Once again, I am unable to participate in Hexham… Read more »

March Update

Just a few things to tell you today. I’m aware that the website is experiencing a few technical problems, and am waiting to hear from my web designer. I believe that the Gallery is not working and that there are several dead links. Hopefully this will be rectified soon. I’m also in the process of… Read more »


Last year, Action for ME reviewed Karma in their Christmas magazine. I had not seen the review until this weekend, when they kindly sent me a couple of copies. As usual, I was a little uneasy about reading it, mentally preparing myself for the worst, but I needn’t have worried. What I read was a… Read more »

Not Miss World…

…but maybe Miss Understood? Or rather, misunderstood. I seem to have a problem being taken seriously, for some reason. I speak honestly and am accused of being cynical. Are people so unused to being spoken to directly, that they misconstrue things? As you know, my computer = my social connection, and I read (and participate… Read more »

Happy World Book Day!

I’m spending WBD reading Flora’s Lot by Katie Fforde – it is a very pleasant way to spend the day.

Happy Mothers' Day!

Just a short post today, as I only have two things to say. 1. I hope all of the mothers out there are being spoilt rotten today…and I hope all the sons/daughters out there are spoiling their mothers. I’m not going to post a hugely sentimental post about my mam, Yvonne, but will say that… Read more »