Book festivals, agents and stuff.

As usual, life is a little crazy for me (or perhaps life is fine, and it is me that is a little crazy…) which is why I haven’t posted for a while. Excuse the higgledy-piggledy order, as I’m trying to remember everything I wanted to say!

Once again, I am unable to participate in Hexham Book Festival. I got in early this year, but not early enough (unless my publisher had been local – that would have been a completely different kettle o’ fish). There are big names like Marion Husband and Germaine Greer on the bill, but also debut authors from the area. I don’t feel part of the group of North East authors, as I don’t really fit in. I’m not sure where my place is, as I don’t seem to fit in anywhere.

Waterstones in Hexham has now sold out of my book, courtesy of my need for one last copy to send to an…agent! I know that writers usually send manuscripts to agents, but my book already had a publisher, so I omitted the submission process (to my detriment, I think, but it was out of my control). It is an absolute long-shot and if this agent doesn’t like Karma, I don’t think I’ll take it to another. I don’t think I could afford to – story of my life, part one!!! I’m more than a little put out that I can’t afford to go and see the Steve Coogan tour – if I was a best-selling author, I probably could afford a ticket or two. Maybe.

I mentioned a while ago, that I was hoping to do something for charity this year. I’m in the process of arranging an abseil, and am hoping that I know enough people who will support me in my fundraising efforts. Let me reiterate how scared I am of heights: I am terrified of heights. I think I know where my fear stemmed from, but am not going to make it public unless I raise £200 (as it’s quite embarrassing – story of my life, part two). I’ll let you know the details when I have everything in place.

I’ve been invited to join a Readers’ Event at Gateshead Central Library. I love those events, as it gives me a chance to meet new people. I always arrange these things with a sense of trepidation as I worry that I’ll be too ill to attend, so will let people down. Story of my life, part three! I think it will be in May, as in June, I will need to rest after the stress of the abseil. Again, I’ll give you the details when I have them. Speaking of Gateshead Central Library, I was surprised to see a photograph of one of my ancestors on their website. Apparently, he is on a board, displaying men who were honoured during World War One. He died, aged 25, only a few months after getting married. I am now trying to find out more about him.

Finally, as my website is still not fixed, I’ve been adding pics to my Facebook ‘fan page’. This includes the first cover of Karma, that was replaced by the current cover.

That’s all, folks!